Al Rawdah Street
Le Dâme Building

P.O. Box 90 Jeddah 50370
Tel. No.: +966 (2) 6649370
Fax No.: +966 (2) 6649371

Construction & Management:

  • In RCC, we do Construction & Management of Projects including:
    • Buildings
    • Civil Works
    • Marinas
    • Readymix Concrete Plants
    • Interior Design
  • We can work like a traditional construction company, we can do also Turnkey Projects and we have a skilled department specialized in Project and Construction Management. What does Construction Management mean?
  • In Construction Management the Client can be the Main Contractor helped by a skilled professional team of RCC who are in charge of all the jobs related to the project construction. With this system, the Client will pay the reai construction costs increased by an Overheads & Profit Percentage for RCC.

  • What are the difference between traditional construction and Construction Management?
    • The Client can change the project without being afraid of the costs increasing because he will know the real costs in each moment.
    • Due to the Client knowledge about the real costs, he can take his own decissions to increase or decrease costs according to his necessities.
    • The Client decides the real quality of his project without risks because the main contractor is not interested in decrease costs to increase his profit.
    • The Client decides whose are going to be his suppliers and subcontractors according to Construction Managers advising.
    • A complete Monthly Report is sended to the Client comparing real vs. forecast costs and production.